Now you can Catch iButterflies at SM Megamall!

SM Supermalls released the SM iButterfly, an Augmented Reality Application on your IOS and Android mobile devices last May 5, 2012 at select SM Supermalls. SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM City Fairview, SM Southmall, SM City Baguio, SM City Davao and SM City Cebu simultaneously launched the iButterflies. Catching iButterflies at SM Supermalls is a fun and entertaining mobile information and couponing experience when you are at an SM Mall.

Whats up on Philippine ToyCon 2012?

It’s a celebration this June 15,16 & 1, enjoy the festivities at the Philippine Toycon 2012! It will be definitely Fun! Fun! Fun! For everybody who is excited to attend this big yearly event that just started with a couple of friends who have the passion in collecting toys since 2002.

This year’s movie theme is the anticipated movie from Warner Brothers and DC Comics “The Dark Knight Rises”. It’s the final installment of the Batman saga with Christopher Nolan’s ultimate chapter in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Warner brothers launches excitement for the movie with a n exhibit of original movie props and costumes and DC Comics launches its new line of Dark Knight related merchandise, apparel and toys. Other movies like The Bourne Legacy, Rise of the Guardians and The Hobbit will also be featured.

2nd Comics Arthology Exhibit: Imagination Takes Flight

Feels like a movie premier night at the opening of the 2nd annual Comics Arthology Exhibit – Imagination Takes Flight at the ArtAsia Gallery, SM Megamall last June 8, 2012. Artists, guest and art enthusiast gather to witness works from the industry names of Randy Valiente, Seb Chua, Andrew Villar, Rommel Estanislao, Freely Abrigo plus many more who contributed their works seen in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

#PacBradley: A ‘Cooking’ Show not a ‘boxing fight’!

The crowd was booing after the stunning split decision was made by the judges. Timothy Bradley was announces to be the winner in the PacBradley fight. Almost everybody was in a great shocked learning that the best pound for pound boxer, Filipino Congressman Manny Pacquiao, losses the fight.

Hero Up at the 11th Philippine ToyCon 2012

It’s official. People can’t get enough of superheroes. Just looking at how much money the Avengers movie has raked in at the box-office, you know without a doubt that we are in a new age of superhero love. All the caped crusaders, cosmic characters and crime fighters we grew up with have taken on new faces and forms, and they are everywhere! In movies, on TV, in video games, theme parks and countless merchandising; the best and the brightest of our childhood memories have been ushered into a new age of Hollywood, and, baby, nothings ever going to be the s

Bloggers Rockeoke Nights at the Craft!

This might be a late post, but what the heck! I dont want to miss blogging my first experience hanging out with fellow bloggers! It was a rocking wednesday night for all the bloggers who attended the Rockeoke Bloggers Night hosted by Vince Golangco of

It was very nice to meet famous bloggers of WhenInManila, specially Vince, who has been very accommodative to all his blogger friends. It was there way of thanking fellow bloggers and mentors who have helped them shape the site and realized its success to what it is today! Even though its quite rainy on that moment, I was so eager to attend the event and meet new friends in the blogasphere. It was a complete Stress Reliever!

Nognog, Who’s leaving the city?!

It’s happening and i’m migrating to a new and improved site! Hope you could still follow me and enjoy the journey in my new website Its still under construction but you can already visit and check out whats happening. I’ll be relaunching the site pretty soon and it will be a blast! I’m thinking of giving away prizes for the lucky followers so better check it out once in while, keep track and be updated.

Kaagapay to the 5th Power!

The one-hour program that highlights community-building works through public philanthropy and social works has turned its 5th year!

UNTV 37’s Kaagapay hosted by veteran radio and TV practicioner Rolly “Lakay” Gonzalo, UNTV-Radio Laverdad current Station Manager, Ms. Annie Rentoy and Dermatologist , Dr. Daisy Lim-Camitan celebrated their 5th year at Bronch Rodeo Grill, Bluewave, Macapagal Ave, Pasay City Last May 27, 2011.

@SandraSeifert – Philippines Sexieist Vegetarian for 2012

An International Model, a Beauty Queen, a Registered Nurse and a Marketing Director by Profession, PETA Spokesperson and most of all a certified Vegetarian. She is the previous Miss Philippines Earth 2009 – Sandra Seifert.

Recently the Beauty Queen have been reigned as the ‘Philippines’ “Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity” for 2012, after the very tight competition and screening of votes held at the

A Night of Food Surprises at the Venetian Night Market in Venice Piazza in Mckinely Hill

Awesomeness! That’s what I felt every time I get invited in a gathering of selected shops offering only the best food!

Venice Piazza at Mckinely Hill in Fort Bonifacio presents The Venetian Market, an extravagant showcase of flavors from Spain, Italy and the Mediterranean. A one of a kind marketplace that will let foodies experience several sections of culinary paradise.

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